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Evolution, our newest solution was designed to save dental labs time and money by providing information on demand. Our software is packed with everything needed to thrive and be successful in today’s tough business climate. Intuitive, dynamic and scalable, ABS tailors Evolution to YOUR lab and YOUR processes giving you the freedom to run your business your way.

In a high output dental laboratory environment, the level of complexity in scheduling and tracking cases can be overwhelming. Managing account expectations, internal resources, materials and other business critical functions has, in the past, been a very complex process involving not only management software, but also requiring a great deal of human intervention. The majority of a supervisor’s time in the lab is spent allocating work to technicians, as well as managing exceptions and updating schedules, resources and case requirements. Cases sometimes fall behind or “get lost in the shuffle” with no automated way of knowing that this has happened. Doctor relations, technician productivity, resource allocation, profit margins and overall laboratory productivity suffer as a result. In addition, dental laboratory owners and managers have been overwhelmed by the challenge of making multiple software packages (laboratory management, accounts receivable and customer service) “communicate” effectively.

ABS has created a system that permits a lab to proactively schedule, manage and track cases as they flow through the lab. With Evolution, ABS has designed a system that will more effectively schedule cases based on case complexity and technician availability, skill and capacity. It will dynamically monitor work in progress, help pinpoint and reduce the costs associated with case production and increase overall lab productivity. Knowing such things as the best route for a case to travel through the lab based on resource allocation and skill set will dramatically improve the efficiency of lab technicians and management. Implementing Evolution is like hiring a new employee to handle the delegation and tracking of cases.

Evolution features the best priority-driven production management tools that give dental labs the ability to proactively manage case scheduling and tracking as the cases flow through production. By making sure the right people are working on the right cases at the right time, Evolution ensures you meet your customers due dates every time. But we are not just a production management solution; with our state of the art Customer Relationship Manager and a fully functioning accounts receivable system, Evolution becomes YOUR ‘partner in business.’ By managing all aspects of your thriving lab, Evolution can schedule, manage, and track cases; track financial information and technician productivity; streamline marketing, sales, and customer service; and monitor overall lab health-all in REAL TIME!

What Our
Clients Say

Jenn Janicki

“We receive the greatest support and the ABS team really takes the time to understand how Gold Dust is different.”

“Evolution has given us a better understanding with the productivity of our technicians and has an ease of use that’s unmatched. We have a better visibility on remake reasons and internal remakes…”

Gold Dust Dental LabTempe, AZ
Mike Chytka

“The decision for me to advocate for sticking with ABS vs other options was strongly rooted in the awesome support that you have provided to O’Brien. The countless hours, and the commitment of ABS to never give up in the face of any request we made is truly appreciated.”

O’Brien Dental LabCorvallis, OR
Angie Hendrickson

“For production it is very useful and helpful in order to keep track of cases in the lab and where they are at. For piece work employees and the check in and out process as well is very good.”

Louvre Dental LaboratoryAgoura Hills, CA
Lee Coursey

“We use the CRM module every day. The new interface allows us to have basically one screen up throughout the day and to transact any and all business from there.”

“ABS is the most responsive software firm I have ever worked with. They listen, the support staff is quick to respond, and updates are almost always really great improvements.”

Russellville Dental LabRussellville, KY
Becky Staggs

“All in all I really like ABS. Evolution has helped with case tracking thru the lab. When technicians look…. They can see what needs to be done each day. We can pull up information without having to leave the desk & know where the case is at. ABS customer service is very helpful.”

Precision Dental RestorationsSalem, OR
Javier Rico

“You and your team are truly the best. In my view, ABS team is the benchmark when it comes to customer service.”

Labs.DentalWest Hills, CA
Tricia Lacy

“Hey, just wanted to tell you all thanks for being so helpful during our ‘transition’ with DDX. Today, just now, Midwestern sent photos through DDX and they ‘magically’ appeared in Evolution’s images tab, AND, I didn’t have to touch a thing! That was so totally awesome, I just had to tell you! Thanks again everyone!”

PAL Dental ArtsPhoenix, AZ